Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post- S:t Patricks Day: Finally Founders Centennial IPA

First of all - any reactions on the blogs new international approach? It may be a little too early to say much but any comments or suggestions are welcomed!

I'm still hungover from S:t Patricks day yesterday so bare with me. Had a great time in Gamla Stan at The Liffys, can recommend you a visit. But waking up with a Guiness hat and green face paint smeared over your face isn't maybe what you love to do. Anyways.

Now, lets rock some beer.

For some reason I have always thought of Founders as a British brewery, maybe because I havent tried something from them (until now) and probably due to the similarity in name with Fullers. When I later understood their true heritage and that many of their beers are highly rated ones I got really exited about the Mars release containing both their Centennial IPA and their Breakfast Stout.

Todays post will be about the first of the two - Founders Centennial IPA. A highly classed IPA, dry hopped and finishing on an IBU of 65.

So, lets rate it!

Appearance: Small head which slowly dies out. Orange to red amber’ish color
Aroma: The aroma hits you instantly with a well hopped but not too heavy aroma of dry hopped IPA with light tropical fruit aromas. I can often find dry hopped beer somewhat heavy but this isn’t that at all. Easy notes of well balanced nuts against a bitter background. Very well balanced over all and stays away from the trap of offering to much flavor and aroma from the hop cones. Finally there is a citrusy acidness which gives a hint of a high “drinkability”.
Palate: Light mouth feel. Light flavors of dry hop IPA with flavors of cellulose. Not too bitter at all and which I actually expected (65IBU is it?). But how is it? Really? A little to light for me, but with a good bitterness and high drinkability. The maltiness makes it a little sweeter than expected for an IPA. I can’t really find that many tropical or citrusy flavors.

Final grade? – Good, Interesting and very lightly dry hopped IPA. Although, from this bottle I can’t understand why it has received so high results in different reviews. I went back with 4 of my remaining bottles but I have one left which I will try again and see if it makes a better impression on me.


  1. Tried it prior to release, wasn't impressed at all. I think we might have gotten an oldish batch. IPAs are best fresh. I have migrated to locally produced hoppy beers; Mohawk, Ocean IPA, Amarillo Spring on draught, Dragets Kanal DIPA on draught, but only same day as going on.

    Be well, drink well.


  2. Ska jag vara riktigt ärlig så tyckte jag att det var bättre när du skrev på svenska, rent språkligt. Men det är bara min åsikt. Tycker du att det känns bättre så ska du köra på! Good Luck, anyhow...