Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hoppin Frog B.O.R.I.S The Crusher

When Hoppin Frogs both Mean Manalishi and BORIS The Crusher arrived at Systembolaget last summer I never bought The Crusher but just Mean Manalishi, two bottles at that price range was more than what I could afford at the time. Unfortunately since I now laid hands on a couple of bottles of the Barrel Aged version and it would have been fun to compare them - some say that the barreled one isn't as good as then unbarreled one while others says the opposite.

Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S The Crusher

Appearance: Creamy head which leaves dark remains when it slowly dies out. The head in itself has a darker brown’ish color. The liquid is brown to black.
Aroma: Pleasant aroma with light oaky vanilla toned chocolate. A warming aroma, a somewhat creamy but well balanced aroma as can be found in better vanilla ice creams, but here with a dust of cocoa powder on top. Pretty heavy aroma with a good boost from the whisky.
Palate: Heavy mouth feel but still not too overwhelming due to good carbonation. Very potent flavors, semi dry, a little bitter and with much chocolate and coffee. Still a little too light and carbonated to force you to have to take sips of it. Warming alcohol and some dry fruits in the after taste. Reminds me a little about Hoppin Frogs Silk Porter but with a better whiskey flavor and a heavier taste. Lasting after taste.

Final grade? – Good, a good vanilla flavor with a light oaky touch balanced with chocolate. But for 159SEK it doesn’t reach any higher grounds than this. I actually went back with 2 bottles to be able to buy something else. It is certainly a good beer and I can see why people give it high ratings - but to me it isnt THAT good. Maybe you have to try it parallel with the unbarreled one to experience its full range of flavors and aromas, just like with Old vs Older Viscosity and similar.

Tomorrow I think it is time to focus on this years Easter Beer - I have tried a couple of them now and I'm not too impressed. But with 3 or 4 left to try I hope for the best.

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